Succumb to the charms of the Ubaye valley, on a multicolored background in spring, green and blue in summer, yellow and red in autumn or white in winter. Our valley opens the doors to its playground.

Lake Lauzet-Ubaye
A wonder of nature, in which the surrounding high peaks are reflected, Lake Lauzet-Ubaye will offer you the pleasure of swimming in cool waters in summer, practicing pedal boating, stand up paddle boarding or fishing for free. and without a permit, before lying down, on its quiet banks, shaded by willows ...
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The lake of Serre-Ponçon
Situated between theHautes-Alpes and the Alpes de Hautes-Provence, fed by the powerful torrential rivers that are the Durance and the Ubaye, the lake of Serre-Ponçon is at the heart of the southern Alps. Its climatic particularity lies in its exceptional sunshine and makes Lake Serre-Ponçon a dream destination, for water sports, swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts!
Its equipped beaches, its wild coves, its 80km of shores, and its "mountain" environment make Serre-Ponçon a natural paradise!
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52 kilometers and more than 60 rapids are available to you! The last river with a natural flow, the Ubaye is renowned for its rapids throughout Europe, it is the spot for whitewater sports to discover this magnificent river. The many bases in the valley will be able to offer you a wide range of activities, to satisfy everyone, to meet all tastes and desires, all levels, and this in perfect safety, under the supervision of licensed guides. .

All in the same boat, to ride the whitewater of the Ubaye! Whether you are looking for thrills or in search of grandiose landscapes, the Ubaye will satisfy you. A walk in complete freedom, along the rapids and canyons to explore the universe of this river, with paddle strokes, to fill up with emotions: pleasure and sensations guaranteed!
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Discover the Ubaye differently: go down the course of the river, as close as possible to the water!Equipped with a float, a reinforced neoprene suit, fins and a life jacket, white water swimming will be particularly appreciated by thrill seekers! The board will allow you to guide you and, literally, to slide on the water! With the hydro-speed discover the first thrills of living water like a fish and chain rapids and waterfalls!
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Mingling  swimming, climbing and hiking, this activity is ideal for discovering the grandiose scenery of the valley. Equipped with a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness, you will progress in the heart of unspoiled nature, between two cliffs, along the slides dug by the waterfalls or during abseiling.
Sensations and overtaking will inevitably be there!

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The Peach
The Ubaye valley offers a tremendous diversity in terms of fishing spots: all types of environments are present there, from the mountain torrent to the big river, including mountain lakes. The preservation of the environment, the favorable climate and the presence of Mediterranean-type trout make this place an essential spot for the practice of this activity!
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The Ubaye is full of climbing spots. Thanks to the investment of enthusiasts, many roads have been built. With its exceptional sunshine, you can practice your passion a large part of the year.
Note: two sites are less than a kilometer from the Esperluette area.
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The Ubaye from the sky
Take to the skies and discover the wonders of the valley, from another point of view. In paragliding, glider, microlight, come and taste the joys of free flight.
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Hikers' paradise

Hiking in Ubaye is the pleasure of discovering its wild and unspoiled nature, crossing its spruce or larch forests, its green meadows, its winding torrents, its high altitude lakes with pure and translucent water, and of meeting its wild and varied fauna, around the corner.
2 hikes await you from the Esperluette area
- Le Lauzet-Ubaye
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2h45 Elevation gain : 370 m
Interest: Discovery of the village of Lauzet-Ubaye, its lake, its museum, its Roman bridge.

- The Col Bas lakes
Difficulty: Difficult Duration: 5h30
Elevation: 930 m
Interest: At the foot of Dormillouse, the pastoral mountain of Col Bas is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Ubaye: lake of the cabin, middle lake and black lake, the crests and the fort of Dormillouse.
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For lovers of the "Little Queen"
It is a kingdom of more than 4000 km of roads and cycle routes, which stretches from the lake of Serre-Ponçon to the Italian border.
Seven passes await the most intrepid climbers, while smoother roads allow riders to fully enjoy the sun and the scenery.
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Many mountain bike routes
Preferred mountain biking terrain, the Ubaye valley offers 340 km of marked trails and a 100 km trans-Ubayenne trail. During a walk with family or friends, discover these routes and let yourself be seduced by the charms of the valley and its villages.

A little motorcycle road trip
On the mountainside, along the winding roads, the hamlets and villages of the valley are revealed to you. Crossing the legendary Bonette, Allos, Vars, Cayolle or Arche pass towards Italy, you run the risk of catching the mountain piloting virus.
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From acro-branch to mini-golf, including laser games, nature workshops, bowling or escape games ..., there is no shortage of activities for young people in Ubaye.
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Go down the slopes of the 4 areas of the valley
Even if the cabins of the Esperluette area are not at the foot of the slopes, winter sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the proximity of the various resorts in the valley.

Located 15 minutes from Lauzet-Ubaye, Montclar les 2 vallées is a family village resort. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps and strong in its Provençal culture, the ski resort of Montclar rises to 2500m and is divided between the valley of the Blanche and the valley of the Ubaye.
Managed as a cooperative, the Montclar resort is a pioneer in Europe with its Social and Solidarity Economy model.

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Located 30 minutes from Lauzet-Ubaye, the Pra-loup ski area offers 180km of slopes, a variety of landscapes, reliefs and drops that have made it its trademark and its reputation.
A white setting for all those who dream of the great outdoors, frenzied descents and free skiing.

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The Sauze
Less than 30 minutes from Lauzet Ubaye, Le Sauze shows unparalleled sportiness. All the pleasures of skiing are concentrated there. The variety of exhibitions and the diversity of the slopes invite you to ski without restraint.

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Saint Anne
Saint Anne is 45 minutes from Lauzet-Ubaye and offers a magnificent panorama, worthy of the largest resorts in the Alps.
With 35 km of slopes, this family resort, nestled at an altitude of more than 1,800 m, has wide open spaces whose beauty will surprise more than one.
You will find a dream area for skiing in powder snow ...

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Nordic spaces in the upper valley
The Nordic spaces of Saint Paul and Val d'Oronaye await you in grandiose landscapes, for timeless moments, promoting inner renewal.

Between 1400 and 1600m, the Nordic area offers 18km of cross-country skiing, 3 km of snowshoe trail and 4 km of initiation to trail running and snow walking.
The larch forests, along your route, will promote unforgettable encounters with nature.

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The Val d'Oronaye
Between 1,700 and 2,000m, the Nordic area takes you to the gates of the Mercantour National Park.
40 km of cross-country ski trails to enjoy the surrounding nature, up to the Lauzanier valley
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Go on magnificent snowshoe hikes
In a protected space, between forests and mountain pastures, discover the secret life of the winter world. Take advantage of a snowshoe hike to experience a moment of relaxation with the family and admire the magnificent landscapes of the valley.

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Wonderful sensations for hikes with sled dogs
Discover hiking with sled dogs, starting with a professional musher, who will share his passion with you and experience wonderful sensations.
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The museums of the valley
Discover the Ubaye by pushing the doors of its various museums and discover the memory which forged the identity of the valley.
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Discovering the fortified heritage
Crossroads between Piedmont, Savoy and Provence, the Ubaye has a very rich military history.Many forts and fortifications have been built there over the past two centuries.
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Highlights all year round
Jazz children's festival, Méolans wood festival, Latin-Mexican festivals, Saint-Michel fair, feast of the dead, Lauzet-Ubaye festival ... the variety of cultural life in the valley will not leave you behind. indifferent. .
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