The area of the Ampersand has been designed to be in harmony with the environment and is clearly part of an eco-responsible approach.
Committed to respecting the environment, we have done everything to position ourselves in a sustainable development framework, using local resources .

The huts
Construction technique and materials are part of our approach.
DSL, a local eco-responsible construction company, was responsible for the construction of all the cabins. This specialized company guarantees us a quality of execution and a quality implementation.
The ethics of this company fits perfectly into our approach, favoring short circuits and local materials . The constructions will all be in wood frame, clad in Lavercq larch, the roofs will be in larch shingles, in order to respect local architectural codes and bring real quality to the project.
The stilts of the huts are placed on metal piles, to allow us to banish concrete from the field definitively.
The electricity in the cabins is supplied by a green energy supplier from the Alpes de Haute Provence. .
For heating, we opted for pellet stoves, equipped with an extremely precise regulation system, to offer you quality warmth and maximum well-being.
The wastewater is treated by an Ecoflo (filtration by coconut bark), buried.

The interior fittings
The philosophy of least environmental impact is also implemented for interior fittings. We have pre-selected elements that consume little energy. The linen (bed, bathroom, house and picnic) is exclusively made from natural and recyclable materials (cotton, linen and wool). No paper towel or wipe will be made available in the area (but yes to cloth towels and washable cleansing squares made by us)!
The cleaning products are essentially manufactured by ourselves, using few ingredients, natural and respectful of the environment (baking soda, black and Marseille soap, white vinegar, essential oils…).

Short circuits
We have chosen sustainable partnerships with stakeholders in the valley, for everything related to bakery, butchery and delicatessen, fruit and vegetables, drinks (fruit juices and alcohols), honey, jam with a point of honor to favor organic products.

The external environment
We limit the night light pollution in order to make you benefit as much as possible from the magnificent starry sky of the valley.